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I orginally thought I was going to do some Art Journaling. This what I came up with. I had been anticipating a trip to Las Vegas to see The Beatles Love show and I thought I'd do a Beatles tribute. I wasn't too unhappy with the results.

These are not in any particular order. I did this one when I got back from Las Vegas. Still learning. I got the idea from another watercolor painting I'd seen on the internet. I really liked the way their bottom portion came out...I like having all of the splashes of color.

Another one I did after the trip. I decided not to do a background just to see how it looked. I'm not sure if I like it better. It's just different. I also got the idea to splash some paint from a turtorial.

Another sad attempt at Art Journaling. The only part I like is the picture of the Beatles.

And yet another. Too much like scrap booking which isn't my thing. Plus it is so stressful. Finding embellishments means having to go shopping and I am not a shopper. I do however like the way my background came out. I got this idea from an art journal tutorial. After painting the background and while still wet you place a piece of Saran Wrap and mush it around. It gives this great texture. After it dried I painted the little flowers which I liked....then came the rest. The photo on the upper left are my sons, Kyle and Eric. They are adults now. The other one is a photo of my parents taken on their trip to Hawaii. I chose it because I liked my dad's smile. Also I included a part of the last birthday card my dad gave me a week before he passed away.  The houndstooth patch represents my daughter-in-law Erin. She loves houndstooth! The rest of the "things" are just things I like.

I liked the way this came out. I studied some paintings on-line and I noticed how you can give some depth to your images by making some of the areas darker. I used this as a model for some of the Easter cards I sent out.

I think if I took some art classes I might really be dangerous. This one was inspired by a Facebook friend who took some photos while hiking one Sunday morning. I did this one after my Las Vegas trip as well. I want to learn how to capture the sunlight coming down. Maybe some day!

I called this one "Desert Night" just because that's what it looked like to me and because while we were in Vegas, our hotel rooms had these neat paintings in the rooms. My daughter-in-law told me she thought they were actually photographs which made it even more interesting. So, this is my first stab at something sort of abstract.

This is for Erin, my daughter-in-law. She's my best critic!  What she doesn't know is that when I originally painted the background I actually used these colors for her because I know she likes gray. I painted the background with watercolors and the birds are done with a black marker and a little white paint.  I had planned on painting some flowers on it but as days went on and the more I would look at it I saw the sky and ocean. Then, after coming back from Las Vegas I had the song "Blackbird" in my head and then added the birds. I know they look more like seagulls but it's the night sky that really seems to matter to me. This piece in the "Love" show was very moving.

April 2013

These next pieces I am labeling my "Pink Series". I ventured into acrylics and bought a pink tube. And these are the results of my playing around with the acylics.
The thing I learned on this first one, is until I can consider myself an artist, I cannot paint the branch after painting the flowers. It's too hard for me to do. All of the tutorials show you to paint the branch afterwards, but mine look too....umm....dumb.

On this last one, after I painted the tree I realized my flowers were too big for the tree. So I added to kitty in hopes to not draw too much attention to this! 

Added these 06/05/13

added the hill

I wanted to see how one of them looked in a frame. I am currently using this in my "landing strip" area. I will explain this on my "Hazel Experiment" page. (get your mind out of the gutter)

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